I could no longer afford the payments on my home being retired and on a fixed income.  Being so far behind in the mortgage payments you helped me avoid foreclosure by the mortgage company and helped me sell my house with dignity and not lose it to the bank.  Thank you so much! 
- R.B.S. Omaha

I needed to sell my house quickly and couldn't afford to make the necessary repairs to get my house sold.  Preferred Home Solutions was able to pay me a fair price and provide a quick sale so I could move on with my life and not worry about the sale of my house.  I would highly recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in selling their house.  Thanks! 
- K. M.  Omaha

We found a new house and were having trouble making the two mortgage payments.  Our Realtor wasn't able to get our old house sold.  We were so glad that Preferred Home Solutions were able to help us out.  We couldn't believe it was so easy to sell our house.  We will pass the word on to others on how easy and painless this was. 
- T. J. R.  Omaha

I had gotten transferred and didn't think it was possible for me to get my house sold before I moved.  Preferred Home Solutions actually bought my house in less than a week! 
- J. Z.  Formerly from Omaha
We couldn't afford to pay a Realtor to sell our house because we had no equity.  Preferred Home Solutions handled the sale of our house quickly and professionally and did everything they said they would do.  We can't thank you enough! 
-C. T.  Omaha